40 years of Mifar

Some guiding principles have enabled our company to develop and establish itself on the market, and over time we have founded our entire business on them. They are summarised in ten points that today represent the “Mifar Manifesto.”

1- Our history

40 years of history, of constant commitment to acquiring competence and experience in order to offer a range of high quality, user-friendly, ready-to-use, high performance mono-pigmented solid dispersions.

2 – Evolution

Always looking to the future, our company has adopted continuous investments in research and development to innovate its own production, and also to support every stage of the development of its partner’s production processes.

3 – Intelligence

Creativity and chemistry, colour and technology, tradition and efficiency: Mifar’s activity is carried out by qualified people who oversee the daily production with the help of innovative digital technologies for the integrated management of all the company processes.

4 – Sense of sustainability

We believe in a business culture founded on health and safety in the workplace. We also believe that entrepreneurial efficiency must go hand in hand with the respect for and protection of the natural environment to which Mifar and its employees belong.

5 – Certified safety

Safety is paramount. Our production processes are UNI EN ISO 9001 certified. We possess an organisational, management and control model that complies with Legislative Decree no. 231, developed according to the structure and the activity carried out by Mifar. In regard to occupational health and safety, we regularly update our Safety Policy and Safety Recovery Plan, we work with a Privacy Policy that complies with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our compostable products are TÜV certified in accordance with the UNI EN 13432 standard.

6 – Export “Made in Italy”

The strong values that have established the greatness of being “Made in Italy” such as inventiveness and quality, has distinguished Mifar on the international markets with a wide-ranging business expansion. Mifar now sells its products in 52 countries, in addition to Italy.

7 – Winning together

We believe that by following our partners every step of the way is the right way. We follow a customer- oriented work approach with producers of paints, inks, enamels and dyes aimed at identifying the opportunities and the future developments of the market.

8 – Work challenges

We are motivated by challenging ourselves: our laboratory always focuses on new products that have been custom designed following application tests.

9 – Strategic logistics

Mifar’s recent strategic choice was to outsource the warehousing and logistics activities, relying on external experts to ensure application of efficient procedures for further improvement of the services that we deliver to our customers.

10 – Essence

We believe that colour is a serious business. And we know that the chemical industry offers innovative solutions for the development of modern society. We like to think that over the last 40 years we have been living in both these worlds, and we want to continue to do so.