Quality guaranteed for two years

The wide range of Mifar products is now guaranteed for two years in order to offer greater flexibility to partners when using the Mifar “chips”. This important evolution optimises the internal processes and entire life cycle of the product, from production to distribution.

Making Sense of Sustainability

Compostable Chips are our range of pigments dispersions certified
Ok Compost UNI EN 13432. They represent just an exemple of
introduction of eco-friendly technology in everybody’s day by day life

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@MifarSrl choosed #SifteBerti as its #Logistic Partner, with the manegement of the national and international supply of its products. The operation started last September 2019 in the area of Lainate.  Find out more: https://mifar.com/2020/01/29/mifar-chooses-site-berti/

Who we are

Founded in 1980, MIFAR S.r.l. is a world leader in the production of solid predispersed pigment preparations – called chips – used at an industrial level by manufacturers of paints, inks, varnishes, cosmetics and coloured coatings.

Thanks to its experience, reliability and its vision focused on innovation as a response to the changing future, Mifar is structured to follow customers through every step of the development of their production processes. Continuous investments in R&D has allowed to innovate its products by increasing their quality, user-friendliness, use and performance.

With a progressive expansion of the geographical area of activity, today Mifar sells and distributes its products in 52 countries, besides Italy.


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