Fulfilling & Intoxicating

Allegra steeps you in The Eternal City’s incandescent sunsets and never ending spritzes. From a terrace shared with your closest friends, the splendor of Rome stretches before you. The magnificent Colosseum seems lit up by the pink and peach sky. The color summons your attention back to your orange toned spritz, the famous Italian cocktail loved worldwide. Smiling and laughing, you and your friends toast the precious moment, where the past, present and future seem to meld together in pure fulfillment.

“Like the emotion of a rendez vous in Rome.”


Rock’n’Rome immortalizes the intimacy of a shared spritz in a liquorous floriental fragrance. Like a fizzy cocktail, it starts with the effervescent like sparkle of zesty notes. To craft the fragrance’s floral fruity aroma, Osmanthus and apricot are stirred together. Then the olfactory cocktail tapers into a sweet benzoin gum. Serving up the fun of endless aperativos and free flowing conversation, Rock’n’Rome smolders with the warm feelings of friendship and the glimmer of dusk.