“I was totally inspired by the Italian soul. This Italianity that we are talking about, that everyone envies Italy and that no one succeeds in equalling . It’s 3,000, 4,000 years of History, and it goes back to roots that are very deep but still extremely modern because they are values that have gone through the centuries and history (…) All roads lead to Rome , all magnificent raw materials lead to Rome, all perfumes lead to Rome.”



Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier was born in the epicenter of perfumery, Grasse, France. Surrounded by jasmine fields, he developed a lifelong passion for exceptional raw materials. In fact, his earliest memory is of culling blossoms at five in the morning, and, out of pure ardor, he’s been refining a single jasmine accord for 25 years a boundless dedication and artistry on par with Bvlgari’s visionary expertise. With Cavallier’s acute appreciation of everything sophisticated and precious, the brilliant perfumer has been uniquely able to create a new and beautiful olfactory language, Bvlgari Allegra, bringing the joys of Italy to life. In each Bvlgari Allegra scent, the distinctive Roman spirit and the daring Italian style resonate and beckon to another famous epicenter, The Eternal City. As Cavallier says, “All perfumes lead to Rome.”