True to Bvlgari’s heritage of exemplary craftsmanship, each Bvlgari Allegra fragrance has been created with the same attention to detail as a set of fine jewelry. Rather than precious stones, here the gems of nature, exclusively crafted raw materials, are transformed into a dream to wear.

With incredible skill, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier selects exceptional ingredients.
With rigorous care, Cavallier isolates its most expressive molecules to reveal an exclusive, highly alluring and creative facet of its personality. Vanilla emits a new level of sophisticated sweetness with sun dried, leathery facets. Calabrian bergamot is picked at the precise time to capture its peak freshness. With these precious extractions, Cavallier then crafts a groundbreaking blend, much as a jeweler assembles colorful gemstones.
Radiant with the sparkling gems of nature, each Bvlgari Allegra fragrance and Magnifying essence unleashes intense emotions, offering women the same spellbinding joy of the most exquisite jewels.