Loving & Exalting

Allegra rekindles your heart with passion and adoration. You receive a complete surprise, an absolutely magnificent rose bouquet. Rich with multiple shades and types of red roses, the exquisite offering promises the start of a fresh, true love and a sweet, tender embrace. You blush at the elegance of your admirer and are filled with pulse racing anticipation of meeting at long last.

“It is a red rose fresh, velvety, fruity.”


Fiori D’Amore captures the passionate energy of Italian love in a sensual rose fragrance. Turkish and Bulgarian red roses gather together at the heart of the bouquet. Its fresh, youthful aroma is underscored with a new, modern accord, Prelude Raspberry. The innovative fruit accent evokes the scent of raspberry harvested at the height of a balmy summer. Delicate and unbridled, tasteful and intense, Fiore D’Amore gracefully elicits love’s wondrous, multiple facets and passion’s velvety soft touch.