Exuberating & Enchanting

Allegra invites you to the most exclusive and exuberant Italian festa, Venice’s legendary carnival. For seventeen days, the city stuns with sights even more sublime than its infamous architecture and canals. Dressed in your most splendid finery, you can’t help but delight in the flamboyant and fabulous costumes of your fellow revelers.
All the streets burst with jubilant masquerades, celebrating the colorful opulence and joyful spirit at the heart of the Italian lifestyle and Bvlgari. Watching the rhapsodic regattas, you swell with anticipation for the evening’s masked ball, held for the elite at a local palace. A decadent feast, intriguing encounters, and boundless laughter you know it’ll be a party like no other.

“It is all the Italian sophistication in a perfume.”


Fantasia Veneta unleashes the enchanting energy of this extravaganza in an unforgettable chypre fragrance.
The lavish composition spotlights Indonesian patchouli. Created exclusively for Bvlgari, the note is as treasured as an invitation to a masked ball and as rich and nuanced as its brocade and jacquard costumes. Like the carnival, the chypre delivers sumptuous, surprising twists a decadent red peach accord and a hint of addictive vanilla. Wrapping you in the marvelous opulence of the festivities, Fantasia Veneta gives you the thrill of leaving an indelible impression at an exceptional fete.