Caressing & Comforting

Allegra transports your taste buds to Italy’s famed pasticcerie, where tantalizing dolce tempt with luscious scents and candy like colors. Inhale, and the aromas of powdered sugar, almond amaretti, and orange blossom flavored confections cocoon you with comfort. The soothing pleasure of dolce marks a delicious return to childhood memories. Recollecting family gatherings and the scents of homemade sweets, you feel once more the warm glow of unconditional love and the tender joy of a happy home.

“It is the celebration of sweetness, of the Italian family cocoon.”


Dolce Estasi evokes this blissful time in a dreamy floral gourmand fragrance. Replete with delicate notes, the scent centers on a heliotrope accord, a powdery floral with the irresistible creaminess of a dessert. A zest of Italian citrus enhances its femininity, and a final musk accord gives it a smooth, powdery finish. Dolce Estasi caresses you in the silky softness of bygone days, full of sweet reminiscences and cheerful tranquility.