A master of colored gemstones, Bvlgari pays tribute to its heritage with magnificent, colored glass bottles. The Roman high jeweler is known for its exceptional use of cabochons, and the rounded gems inspire the smooth, sculptural flacons. The cabochon-like bottle is set between a fluted cap and base, an ode to the Roman columns seen in Bvlgari’s birthplace.
Bvlgari also brings its signature flair to the bottle’s cap. The cap is composed of glass, a rarity seen only in high end perfumery. In a nod to Bvlgari’s jewelry design, the flacon’s stopper is crimped in a rose gold color, and the BVLGARI logo is emblazoned on the cap and collar. Like every Bvlgari design, the flacon bears exquisite details signaling its preciousness.


Bvlgari’s hallmark design style of mixing vibrant colors comes to life in the bold bottles, and the vivid, olfactive journey of each eau de parfum inspires the color selection of its glass bottle. The flacon’s exuberant hues exalt the color and joyous energy of Italy, while expressing the daring design vision at the heart of Bvlgari.
RIVA SOLARE: golden glass reflects the sun & azure glass recalls the sea.
FIORI D’AMORE: red glass symbolizes passion & pink glass expresses the tenderness of love.
DOLCE ESTASI: pastel green glass suggests pistachio & pink glass alludes to strawberry, colors found in many dolce including the famous spumoni.
ROCK N’ ROME: amber glass simulates a spritz & purple, a choice color for Roman royalty, lauds history.
FANTASIA VENETA: red glass evokes radiant rubies & purple is
reminiscent of amethyst, gems with the precious exuberance fitting for a ball.