#MagnifyForMore Bliss

The warm and sultry essence is inspired by the intimate feel of a touch. Crafted with ambrette, the deceptively simple musk reveals a sophisticated radiance. With its notable and expressive luminosity, Magnifying Musk recalls the dazzling joy of an embrace.


#MagnifyForMore Joy

The citrus essence bursts with sunny energy. To achieve this especially bright distillation, Calabrian bergamot is harvested whe n it’s perfectly ripe. Fresh picked, the bergamot contains sweet and crisp notes. Distilled to retain the fruit’s multi faceted freshness, Magnifying Bergamot exudes the upbeat promise of a gorgeous summer day.


#MagnifyForMore Love

The floral essence entices with a velvety, voluptuous intensity. Unlike a classic, powdery rose, this blend of Bulgarian and Turkish roses boasts a remarkable radiance, thanks to a unique fragmentation of essential oils with an unusual distillation. With a sparkle refined by subtle woods, Magnifying Rose delivers a luscious bouquet full of the optimism of love.


#MagnifyForMore Passion

The elegant essence enchants with a stark sensuality. Made with a patchouli sourced from Indonesia, the opulent distillation is of unprecedented quality, freed of any dark, earthy notes by exclusive fractionation. Enriched with woody and chypre facets, Magnifying Patchouli rouses a precious and powerful seduction.


#MagnifyForMore Thrill

The delicately sweet essence tantalizes with vanilla beans imported from Madagascar. To develop the fruit’s most complex and nuanced facets, it’s dried in the sun. Raw, leathery and sexy notes culminate in an addictive aroma, and Magnifying Vanilla ignites an irresistible attraction.


Petit and slender, the bottles of the Magnifying essences feature the same, sculptural silhouette as the eau de parfum flacons in an all white color. The white design emulates the purity and preciousness of the essences. Because white harmonizes with any color, the creamy shade affirms the versatility of the flacons’ contents: essences with a m agi cal ability to blend into an infinite array of new signature scents.